Speaker Proposal/Application

We are excited to see all the potential speakers for our cruise sailing on 12/8/2024 - Please understand that we cannot select everyone as a speaker.

However, it is suggested that even if you are not selected you still consider coming on as a passenger as this is a great way to network and build a stronger community.

A few things to consider

This is a community event and we do ask the following of our speakers.

We require that all speakers advertise the cruise (Once a month on social media and at least one time to your email list before the cruise) (we are less concerned about the size of your list and more about you participating in the advertising)

If you are selected we ask that you pay your cruise deposit of at least $ 100.00 within the first 30 days.

Scheduling of classes is done by the staff at Spirit Heart Cruise and classes will start at 8 AM on at sea days (ship time and go to later afternoon)

Most Classes/seminars 2 hours (a select few are 1 hour)

Keynote speakers are most nights (on port days we only have the keynote speakers)

You will be able to give readings, healing etc. (private sessions, but only to our group and no one else on this ship outside of our group)

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